Pengembangan Digital Marketing Terhadap SP Celluler


  • Muhamad Rizky Universitas Internasional Batam
  • Lily Purwianti Universitas Internasional Batam


Digital marketing, marketing strategy


In running a business, of course, each has its own challenges and developments in a business will not always be the same. Sometimes a business will experience a decline but it will definitely increase, depending on how the business is run and whether you have done the right things to make the business progress.
In the accessories business itself, such as cellphone accessories or other electronic goods, there will usually be quite a big challenge, especially because the business itself has quite a lot of competition, so it requires the right concept and strategy to create a store or company to have an advantage that other competitors don’t have and of course that will increase the number of product enthusiasts for the business. Currently, there are many modern ways that can be done to improve business efforts that are still not used by traditionall business people, one of the example is SP Celluler store.


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